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Welcome to Alina's blog.I'm a seasoned professional, working between Italy and Mexico, where I live with Carlos and our two beautiful kids.
I ended up being a Wedding Photographer but I've always loved to experience photography in many ways. Since I was a kid I've been playing with my father's analogical camera and that's very common through photographers to be the beginning of everything! I've never thought I could became a professional photographer until I arrived to London to spend few years of my life and that changed all my vision about life and possibilities. There's where I met Carlos, my husband, my friend and my business party. He helped me a lot to find my way and to fight for my satisfaction in life, unless I firstly had to work for few years in coffee shops and restaurant as a waitress. In London I also met a lot of people with different stories and experiences and they all teach me a little bit more about life and human beings and how challenging can be life if we just listen to ourself sincerely. So I took the chance and I started my photography career with positive purposes and a lot of passion to be expressed. This blog is just a bit of me and all that's around.
Martina and Giovanni Wedding, Reception, Tenuta Castelvecchio, Italy

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography The importance of the reportage Have you ever wondered why we are so passionate about Wedding Photography at WhiteLoopStudio? I’ve also been giving it some thought lately and this blog is a great opportunity to share my view with you all. To be completely honest I must confess that, back in the days […]
Burning Man, Rock City Nevada Desert 2016

The Burning Man experience

My man to the Burning Man All the Burning Man experience started with a long call distance to Italy where we were working and travelling. A producer invites us to be part of this odyssey, without  hesitation we get on board immediately. The first and only advice was to be prepared physically and mentally to […]