Arantxa and Carlos, Spectacular Wedding into the Wild North Mexico

Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico

For this wedding we’ve received already a good amount of positive feedbacks thanks to the wedding video done by Sergio Alcocer. (Here’s the link: Arantxa and Carlos Video Highlights) Sergio collaborates with us since last year and rapidly became our front video maker due to his amazing ability with his beautiful camera, the Sony A7 R2 and of course and above all, thanks to his sensibility to love stories! So I decided to tell you this amazing WhiteLoopStudio experience in Monclova, publishing also the wedding reportage in pictures!

I am particularly concerned with this couple, especially because we had a special tune with the families. Arantxa and Carlos are lucky people! Their families are closed and kind and we share their happiness together, honoured to have been choose.
Then there is the trip experience we shared in the WhiteLoopStudio team. We flew all the way from Guadalajara to Monterrey one beautiful morning of May. I’ve never been to Monterrey before and I was excited to know a new famous Mexican City. But when we went to the car rental office, we discovered we had more then two hours trip left to rich our final destination: Monclova. Don’t tell me I should had know because I did know Monclova was distant from Monterrey but I didn’t check exactly how! So we took the car and continued the trip to Monclova. We get there when it was already dark and we had some problems finding our hotel and a place to have dinner! We were starving! That’s how we found out that it’s true what they say about people from the North: no matter how hot is the day or what time it is, it’s always moment for a grilled meat!

The day after we had the time to take a ride to the city but we sadly discovered that Monclova is a very small town with very few shopping centre and nothing more. Fortunately Arantxa and Carlos’ wedding brought life and fun to the city transforming the rural Monclova to a big party zone! Literally! It has been two days of wedding, first the civil ceremony, very private, and the second the proper one, with more then 700 people invited. I’ve to be honest! I’ve never attended a wedding so big! The beautiful thing has been the wedding planner work, as usual, a master piece of design and installation. Thousands of metallic paper strips hanging from the sealing, millions of white roses decorating tables and walls, sparkling lights everywhere. MRK transformed a rural area in the middle of unknown Monclova countryside in a spectacular scenario for the wedding of the year! The candy bar was absolutely gorgeous, it was booming in the mouth of the least greedy! I think pictures speak for themselves! As usual, when the atmosphere is so glamorous and spectacular I can’t leave it behind. I think it deserve to blow through the pictures. It was all about Mauricio Rivera Kirschner, one of the best wedding planner of the these days all around Mexico.

The wedding party didn’t miss a single shot. Every moment was at his top. We end up tired and with no energies at all and that’s why the next morning we couldn’t wake up early to go back to Monterrey and visit the city properly. Shame on us, yes, but what a night!! After loosing the right way to the right airport couple of times, we arrived at destination just in time to catch our fly back to Guadalajara. Have been intense four days together. We had the time to know each other better, to share feelings and learn a lot about the team working. I considered this one of the most instructive experience of the last wedding season. I wish I was with the complete team. We misses few of the team guys, engaged with another event. But I’m sure this will not be the last chance!
Thank you Arantxa and Carlos for choosing us. It’s been a total experience!

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning : Monica Franco

Second photographer and lighting: Julio Rosiles

Videography: Sergio Alcocer

Wedding Planner: MRK – Mauricio Rivera Kirschner



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