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Federica and Marco, Formal session, Tenuta Castelvecchio, Gorizia, Italy

Federica and Marco

Federica and Marco, 4th August 2012, Tenuta Castelvecchio, Italy Federica and Marco are the first couple who gave me all the their confidence and assigned me my first wedding as a professional and that’s why I don’t stop showing it. I barely knew how to manage everything and I wasn’t even usin...
Enrica and Lorenzo, Reception, Tenuta Castelvecchio, Gorizia, Italy

Enrica and Lorenzo

Enrica and Lorenzo, 6th June 2015, Castelvecchio, North Italy With Enrica and Lorenzo we had an immediate match, since the first meeting in a beautiful summer day in Gorizia. We did our best to make them happy with the pictures. We work meticulously all day, catching every single smile or emotional ...
Erika and Claudio, Reception, Spessa Castle, Gorizia, Italy

Erika and Claudio

Erika and Claudio, 11th July 2015, Spessa Castle, Italy   The bride and the groom have something that not every couple has when they decide to get married: a baby! For this reason I immediately felt having something in common with them. Carlos and I get married after having our first baby, Gae...
Burning Man, Rock City Nevada Desert 2016

The Burning Man experience

My man to the Burning Man All the Burning Man experience started with a long call distance to Italy where we were working and travelling. A producer invites us to be part of this odyssey, without  hesitation we get on board immediately. The first and only advice was to be prepared physically and me...
Gloria and Davide, Ceremony on the beach, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy

Gloria and Davide

Gloria and Davide, 24th June 2016, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy Gloria is a friend of mine but I never expected she would choose me as the photographer for her wedding! She has a lot of good friends who are in love with photography and I thought she didn’t need a proper wedding photographer but she r...
Elena and Andrea, Formal Session, Castello del Catajo, Italy

Elena and Andrea

Elena + Andrea, 18th July 2016, Catajo Castle, Padova, Italy Our first time in this astonishing location, Catajo Castle in Battaglia Terme, Padova, not our first in Rovigo where we have a wonderful couple of friends, Enrica and Dario who gently introduced us to Elena and Andrea. They really inspired...
Caro and Jorge, Trash the Dress, Bucerias Beach, Mexico

Caro and Jorge, Trash the Dress

Caro and Jorge, Trash the Dress, Bucerias, Mexico Caro and Jorge choose this beach because this is the place where they first met. And that’s the place where they decided to trash their wedding dresses at last.   Caro’s dress was so heavy at the end that she couldn’t even stand up and wal...
Erika and Jan, Trash the Dress, Amatlan de Cañas, Nayarit, Mexico

Erika and Jan

Erika and Jan, Trash the Dress, El Manto, Amatlan de Cañas, Mexico     When we decided a place for this trash session, we agreed to go somewhere where we could have fun all together and that’s not a better place then the Manto in Amatlan de Cañas, a location we know very well as we [&...
Ilinka and Francesco, Formal, Trieste, Italy

Ilinka and Francesco

Ilinka and Francesco, 3rd June 2016, Trieste, Italy   I feel very lucky when a couple contact me from a country different from the one where I live, especially if there is no doubt from the bride and the groom to have me as the photographer. That represent a big goal for me. Ilinka and [&hellip...
Claudia and Francisco wedding party, Guadalajara, Mexico

Claudia and Francisco

Claudia and Francisco, 16th April 2016, Santa Maria Escriba Church, Guadalajara, Mexico Claudia and Francisco are a really sweet couple, very emotive and completely in love. We first met for their casual session, in the woods. Claudia has always been very attentive that she prepared some cupcakes wi...