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Katya and Jorge Wedding in Bosque Real, Mexico City, Reception

Katya and Jorge

Katya and Jorge, glamorous wedding in Mexico City   Well, once again, as every summer we had a wonderful wedding season in Italy. But when summer is over, it is time to come back home. This time was really special, because we flew back straight to Mexico City for a great wedding.  Weddings in ...
Dominique and Daniel Wedding, Civil Ceremony at the Metropolitan Palace, Mexico City

Dominique and Daniel

Dominique and Daniel, a truly cosmopolitan wedding in Mexico Metropolitan Palace and Altto San Angel, Mexico City On August 11 and 12 we witnessed the seal of eternal love between Dominique and Daniel, one of the most emblematic and multicultural weddings which we have had the honour of being invite...
Paola and Gaston Wedding at Cedros Garden, First Dance

Paola and Gaston

Paola and Gaston Wedding at Cedro’s Garden, Mexico City Jardin de Cedros, Mexico City   “Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love become...
Melissa and Humberto destination wedding at La Escoba, Guadalajara, Mexico

Melissa and Humberto

Melissa and Humberto, Wedding Destination in Guadalajara, Mexico 29th April 2017, Hacienda La Escoba, Guadalajara Wedding photographers always are looking for new places to shoot, new spaces, new cities, hence the reason, one of the holy grails in this industry is to go as far as possible to docume...
Vanessa and Chuy, Formal, Guadalajara, Mexico

Vanessa and Chuy

Vanessa and Chuy, 17th October 2015, Guadalajara, Mexico Getting ready Ceremony It was the perfect night to be. Vanessa and Chuy tied the knot and celebrated in style together with family and friends. From the beginning we realized what it was going to be about. This couple paid so much attention to...
Eugenia and Miguel, Formal, Tequilera La Cofradia, Tequila, Mexico

Eugenia and Miguel

Eugenia and Miguel, 2nd of April 2015, Tequileria La Cofradia, Tequila, Mexico   Last time was really special. We were fortunate enough to document an amazing day, another beautiful wedding. Since the getting ready we realised that Miguel, the groom, is an amazing person, sweet and beloved by...
Andrea and Roberto, Getting ready, Hacienda La Magdalena, Guadalajara, Mexico

Andrea and Roberto

Andrea and Roberto, 1st October 2016, Hacienda Magdalena, Guadalajara, Mexico   It was one of the most emotive celebrations I have worked in. Andrea and Roberto organized everything to make an special day. A few months ago we met for the pre wedding session. It was fantastic; they came with lo...
Vanessa and Cesar, Bellaterra, First Dance, Guadalajara, Mexico

Vanessa and Cesar

Vanessa and Cesar, 11th of August 2016, Guadalajara, Mexico Since I knew I was going to be the photographer of Vanessa and Cesar’s wedding, I fell in love about this guys. I was amazed; they prepared every little thing every detail to make the difference.   Getting ready The ceremony in ...