Bibiana and Jack, 3rd of December 2016, Costa Careyes, Nayarit

Jack and Bibiana, Bibiana and Jack, this has definitely been the wedding of the 2016 for me and all the Whiteloopers. Do you know why? Because this is one of those weddings where there’s nothing going wrong, even if there’s a storm falling down!

While the storm is approaching

Meeting Bibi has been very challenging for me. She is an amazing person, full of creatives ideas and positive energy she’s spreading around constantly! She is a very important architect in Guadalajara: she runs her own studio and she is an independent and successful young woman. Jack, on the other side, is a very respected man, who has the gift of being good with speeches! They are a beautiful couple. The wedding couldn’t be any less.

During the morning a storm fell down and it seemed like the wedding was about to be canceled but a surfer, almost like an angel, Bibi’s friend, predicted an amazing bright sky by the afternoon. His prediction was right and the light during the ceremony couldn’t be better.

Their beloved dog
First kiss

Virgin Beach in Careyes

Thanks to Mauricio Rivera, one of the best wedding planners in Mexico, Bibi could realised her dream to have her wedding on a virgin beach in Careyes, an amazing seaside location in Nayarit, still not contaminated by the massive tourism. The guests had to get down their ills to reach the ceremony point.

The ceremony on the virgin beach of Careyes, was spectacular. Friends and family members had their speeches and everything became very intense.

The sunset ceremony

The spectacular party

When we moved to the restaurant on the beach, it was already dark. The setting up was simply spectacular, the party started almost immediately and it was fun!

The bride and the groom arriving at the place
He’s dancing with his mum

The bride looked perfect on her dress and she never stressed out. She enjoyed the all day and the company of her beautiful and closed family. Jack looked like the most beloved friend ever. This wedding should be an inspiration for new couples who are looking for something genuine and original for them.

The groom and the chair
The couple during the Mazel Tov

 Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning: Azahara Cortes
Video Maker and Editing: Gabriel Salcedo

Wedding Planner: Mauricio Rivera Kirschner
Reception Location: Costa Careyes, Nayarit, Mexico


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