The Burning Man experience

My man to the Burning Man

All the Burning Man experience started with a long call distance to Italy where we were working and travelling. A producer invites us to be part of this odyssey, without  hesitation we get on board immediately.
The first and only advice was to be prepared physically and mentally to live our best experience in our life. I decided not to go as I had a lot to do in Mexico those days. So Carlos decided to go and to represented us with all his bravery!
he knew that was about to be a visual, auditory and sensory fest
As soon as they were close enough to feel the heat and the first sand storm, he realised he was about to enter to hell. The hard conditions to handle the every day living needs went beyond the most dramatic expectation.  In the other hand, when he get to Black Rock City he knew that he was about to be a visual, auditory  and sensory fest.
Carlos in the desert
It was amazing how everything, from the worst as the sun or the sand storms until the best, as the music, the visuals, the lights , the love could enter his skin every moment that he spent over there.
Burning Man  astonished him by all that  radical Self-sufficiency, civic responsibility and the constant and endless interaction with respect to the human race and the world.
About 80,000 people in harmony and peace going towards one aim which was to enjoy, to give, to receive, to create, to do.
About 80,000 people in harmony and peace going towards one aim which was to enjoy, to give, to receive, to create, to do. Make this place the perfect place to let your alter ego unleashed and be who you always dreamt to be.
Burning Man is erected in the desert of Black Rock City in Nevada. It´s mostly composed by camping tends, RVs and kiosks. These construction put together make a shape of a half moon. In the middle of this is located what is called “La Playa”, where the most of the shows , gigs, galleries, sculptures and places to hang around take place.
During the day, people goes to enjoy of the sculptures and visual amenities. During the night bone fires and art cars with Dj´s are the reason to be there, all this dressed up by hundreds of bicycles with lights in their wheels cycling around until the sunrise.
Mexico has an important participation in Burning Man since the Mexican ART CAR named “Mayan Warrior” among ” Robot Heart” these two ART CARS were the biggest, brightest, loudest and the most crowded in Burning Man.
Carlos had the chance to work for one of the most important camp in there and the result of his work is simply amazing.

Videography: Carlos Lopez
Editing: Sergio
Photography: Sergio
Location: The Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada Desert,


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