Caterina and Massimo

Caterina and Massimo, Countryside Wedding at Baronesse Tacco

San Floriano del Collio, FVG

Today is the day of Caterina and Massimo, a young couple, affectionate and complicit!

The weather keeps everyone on the alert, the sky is grey, gets threatening, worries the worst.

But we don’t feel won, in the dressing rooms the bride and the groom are preparing, there is emotion, in front of that white dress that will soon be worn.

Let’s go! The whether is indulgent and the ceremony can be held outdoors; we cross the great green meadow and approach Massimo at the most important moment.

It was a very exciting ceremony, all the guests paid homage to the couple of poems, words recalling the past, the beginnings of their story, joking about the happiest events, thrilling everyone by demonstrating to the couple all the good they can.

Laughter, weeping, this ceremony has touched everyone, from the first to the last, it is always nice to see that there is a perfect tune between the people around them.

The sky is always cloudy, but we try to turn this inconvenience into ours to stimulate our creativity!

We go inside, the bride and groom make their way into the dining room, and dine for dinner, accompanied by excellent wines from the area!

The evening runs smoothly, and surprises are not missing. Massimo takes off his rock soul and wielding his electric guitar makes the notes ring to Caterina.

His hands sometimes trembled, they clashed … nothing more authentic, real emotion!

Everything then went on with the cut of the cake and the dances that were unleashed on the track!

Stay rock! Go on this way!!

Type of session: Wedding

Photographer: Davide Cristin

Second Photographer and Lighting Assisting: Rachele Mosolo

Ceremony and Reception: Baronesse Tacco, San Floriano del Collio, Gorizia, Italy



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