Claudia and Francisco

Claudia and Francisco, 16th April 2016, Santa Maria Escriba Church, Guadalajara, Mexico

“We first met for their casual session, in the woods„
Claudia and Francisco are a really sweet couple, very emotive and completely in love. We first met for their casual session, in the woods. Claudia has always been very attentive that she prepared some cupcakes with my names on for the wedding day! I mean, that’s so sweet from a bride, which has many thing to think about during her wedding day: she found 5 minutes for such a detail! The ceremony has been very touching, even Francisco hasn’t been able to contain his emotion, dropping some tears. The reception took place in one of the most spectacular park in Guadalajara, El Lago del Rey. This place is huge and has a beautiful lake in the middle. Everything was even more perfect has all the details were handled by Mauricio Rivera, one of the top wedding planners in Mexico. During the party Claudia couldn’t contain her joyful and happiness. She wanted everybody to have a great time and I guess she did it!

Claudia and Francisco: ready for your wedding?

The ceremony at Santa Maria Escriba Church

The beautiful Santa Maria Escriba Church, one of the main churches in Guadalajara, located in the newest part of the city, surrounded by high buildings. Many people choose to get married in this place, and the reason is simple: beauty and majesty! There is a balcony which is very helpful to catch important moments from the top and to have a complete view of the scene.

Let’s celebrate at Lago del Rey

This is a typical moment during a wedding party in Mexico. Everybody happy, singing, dancing, laughing or posing for a picture, all at the same time. This wedding party was particularly funny as Claudia and Francisco have a very large group of friends and everybody was totally involved! I like to remember them like this.

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning: Julio Rosiles
Video Maker and Editing: Bengy Olivares, True Moments Films
Wedding planner: MRK-studio


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