Cristina and Emanuele

Cristina and Emanuele, 23rd July 2016, Cividale del Friuli, Italy

This was an unforgettable day!

A wedding according to the tradition of the mountains, celebrated in a tiny little village where people are simple but with a big heart. The whole community embraced Cristina and Emanuele in a sincere hug and fill their day with pure joy.

The mountains are testimonies of their love!

While they were getting ready I felt like all the community was part of it. Even neighbours were interested in the special event. This is very typical in Italy and especially in small town. It seems like these young couple is everybody’s son or daughter.

All the people of the little town are part of the day!

The Ceremony is the most important moment for everybody in town

And when the Ceremony almost turns to its end, the guests start to show their smiles and the stress goes away. Everybody shares the same unique feeling of happiness!

Little son and his mother

And as a proof of their love here comes Mathias, their 2 year-old little boy!

Outside the church, time to celebrate!

The beautiful family on their way to the restaurant

After the ceremony, all the guests go to the restaurant. This time is the Roncal, one of the most requested places in Cividale del Friuli because of its view over the grapes fields and the relaxing atmosphere of a surrounding nature.

The chofer!

A minute for us only

Cristina and Emanuele

Let’s illuminate the night!

The atmosphere of this wedding was full of smiles, hugs and emotions…simply wonderful!

The last kiss

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Davide Cristin

Second Photographer: Veronica Sauchelli

Assisting and Lighting: Rachele Masolo
Location: Ilegio, Tolmezzo, North Italy

Reception: Ristorante Il Roncal, Cividale del Friuli, North Italy


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