Elena and Andrea

Elena + Andrea, 18th July 2016, Catajo Castle, Padova, Italy

Our first time in this astonishing location, Catajo Castle in Battaglia Terme, Padova, not our first in Rovigo where we have a wonderful couple of friends, Enrica and Dario who gently introduced us to Elena and Andrea. They really inspired us to do our best during a typical Italian summer day.

Getting Ready of Elena and Andrea

Beside the hot temperature, the Ceremony was perfect!

An absolute beautiful wedding where we tasted the ancient atmosphere of a legendary palace of the XVII century mixed with the youthfulness and the cheerfulness of the guests from all over the world. Every single detail was perfect and well coordinated.



This is a typical moment I like to catch, when someone from the family during the ceremony let the emotion flow. In this case we see even the brother as the mother. Of course the manage the emotion in different ways!




Time to celebrate

Rise everywhere!

The Catajo Castle

Elena and Andrea fitted perfectly in this exceptional place, with their elegance and grace. Elena has been totally perfect all day. She never loose her smile and her glamorous look. I simply adored her! And so did Andrea! Totally in love with his wife, he also never loose his elegance and his gentleness exactly like a gentleman from another time and space! They have been totally lovely with us and treated us like friends. Not to speak about some of the relatives and friends who made the atmosphere pleasant.

Princes in her castle

When the time for celebrate comes with the sunset

She is the one

This is not common portrait as the bride is finding her place in the reception and she is not even look at me.  But I look at her and her elegance in this shot, decorated by the beautiful frescos in the background, meant more then many posed portrait I’ve done

The cut of the cake

This wedding reminded me again how beautiful is Italy, even in his traditional way of celebrating their weddings, it’s so emotionally powerful, the celebration of love and beauty, the beauty who can even take away my breath sometimes. La Grande Bellezza!

This Italian tour couldn’t continue any better.

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo

Second Photographer: Juancho Villalobos
Assisting and Lightning: Carlos Lopez
Location: Rovigo Church, Rovigo, North Italy

Reception: Castello del Catajo, Padova, North Italy


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