Elena and Antonio

Elena and Antonio, 12th September 2015, Villa Iachia, North Italy

Today is our day and we have to celebrate our love!


Elena and Antonio, a couple of friends of mine, that celebrate their wedding in a beautiful day at the end of the summer.

How can I forget their passionate but romantic kisses…

Small and private ceremony


The friendship between the best men and the groom was really intense. It seems like they were sharing experience since kids!

When the Ceremony ended, the happiness of the two was so great that Elena couldn’t contain it so in this image I could capture that exact moment of joy and satisfaction of the bride. I’m pretty proud of this image. That’s one of those moments I thank to be a photographer!

Elena showing her happiness!

As usual, outside the church the guests were waiting for the new marriage to come to trow the rise as the tradition wants…and not just rise!

Villa Iachia, a place we love and we know very well

I like when couples behave naturally and don’t get embarrassed in front of the lens. In this way the camera can capture their emotions that remain fixed in an incredible realistic way.

When we get to the Villa, all the guests star to enjoying the perfect wether and the tasty food served with famous North Italian wines!

The kiss

Another one amazing moment this one, when the bride and the groom kiss each other and all the friends are sharing the emotion screaming joy from behind!

Night time moments

And as usual, when the sun goes down, is the time for the cake to come and finish this party in the sweetest way!

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Davide Cristin
Location: Percoto, Udine, North Italy

Reception: Villa Iachia, Ruda, Udine, North Italy


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