Erandy and Paris, Mexico meets Greece, an electric wedding match!

Tierra de Luna Salon de Eventos, Guadalajara, Mexico


I’m just about to present one of my favourite wedding of this year. They are Erandy and Paris. She is Mexican and he’s Greek. They met far away from here, while Erandy was on holiday in Europe and they fell in love. As simply as that.

They now live in Guadalajara and for the wedding Paris’ closest family came to Mexico ready to celebrate. What a curious and fun match of culture again. I don’t want to be bored what there’s something special in weddings like this. Everything seems just more relaxed and easy! Different cultures show their best side and rituals and costumes became just one perfect balance of emotions.

We had the first look and the formal session in Casa Lafayette, one beautiful hotel in the city center of Guadalajara. We had the time to experiment a bit. Erandy and Paris were very happy to spend time with us in the session. We took it easily and the result was just one of the most funny session ever. Not to mention that Paris is a very easy going guy totally interested in having good time all together.

The ceremony took place in the beautiful garden of the Luz de Luna Salon de Eventos where the team of Punto Flor organised impeccably the space and set all up. Lighting was just magical and the atmosphere became even more electrical when all the Greeks started dancing their typical dances. It was surely different from a common Mexican Wedding. I’m sure everyone end up impressed. I really want to thank Erandy and Paris for trust us and give us the chance to know them and their beautiful families!

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning : Eliana Mendoza Toscano

Videography: Alexis Barco

Wedding Planner: Punto Flor

Ceremony and Reception: Tierra de Luna Salon de Eventos


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