Anita and Ramon, Mexican joyful wedding on the beach of Nayarit

Martoca Beach Garden, Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico

After a lovely begin with the engagement session on a virgin beach of Nayarit (Engagement session here), the wedding day in Bucerias beach started with an exaggerated hot temperature and litres of electrolytes for everyone!

For the preparation of Anita we had to go to a salon, Paloma Garcia Salon in Nuevo Vallarta where fortunately the temperature was lovely inside while outside it was very hard to spend even two minutes. The good vibe of Anita’s family was incredibly helping to survive the hard moment! 

After few misadventures me and my crew had to live on the streets of Bucerias, we reached the flat where Ramon was getting ready with his friends. Ramon has a flat just in front of the beach. When the bride and the groom were ready, they met just on the beach where the ceremony would take place few minutes after. We did the formal session while the sun was getting down and we could assist the ceremony right during the sunset. The speeches  were moving, especially Anita’s lovely words for Ramon.

We all walked to Martoca Beach Garden few meters away from the place of the Ceremony. The place was nicely set with beautiful lights all above the guests heads. The space looked magical. The couple danced surrounded by many friends and the love of all the family! The atmosphere was absolutely joyful.

After documented the last moments of the party, we could finally find relief on a swimming pool not too far under the moonlight. Sometimes our job doesn’t seem so stressful at all!

Type of session: Wedding

Photography: Alina Zardo

Assisting and lighting: Azahara Cortes

Videography: Sergio Alcocer

Ceremony: Bucerias Beach, Nayarit, Mexico

Reception: Martoca Beach Garden

MakeUp: Paloma Garcia Salon



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