Perla and Roberto, engagement session into the nature

Bosque del Centinela, Guadalajara, Mexico


We don’t do casual session often as many of our couples live abroad or far from Guadalajara and we don’t have the chance to meet them before the wedding. But when it happens it’s absolutely fun!

This session is an example of how useful is meeting the future bride and groom before the wedding. It’s the proper way to get closer to them and understand their personality. It’s the way we photographers can broke the ice before the big stressful day, and to get a bit more of confidence with the couple. We don’t need to go far to get good shots or marvellous landscape or light. Sometimes it’s just useful to know some good spots in the city or some secret places close to the place where we live.

This is the case of Guadalajara, for sure a city with a lot of amazing spots but above all with gorgeous lights and sunsets. Whit Perla and Roberto, we choose the “Bosque El Centinela” in the Northern part of Guadalajara, a place important for Roberto because he is passionate of mountain biking and this is one of the place to practice this sport. We’ve been here before, but the good thing is that this part is very big and is just a matter of patience to rich unknown spots. It’s not even necessary to go to Tapalpa to find some big stones surrounded by nature and the blue sky! We had a lot of fun with Perla and Roberto.

I hope it would be even better at their wedding, very close to be!


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