Valentina and Luca

Valentina and Luca, winter wedding in North Italy

Trattoria Paradiso and Strassoldo Castle, Italy

It’s winter, the temperatures are lowering, the days are shorter, but none of this, scared Valentina and Luca during their most important day. Their sincere smiles have warmed the hearts of the guests present throughout the day.

It begins in the morning, with the bride and the groom who, as tradition dictates, get ready in their families’s houses, surrounded by their parents and loved ones. Emotions are not lacking, it is the prelude of a wonderful day!

For the ceremony, the couple chose a small church in the countryside, far from the daily hustle and bustle. On the happy notes of cello and organ, takes place a ceremony, simple but very intense.

We move for the reception at the Trattoria Al Paradiso, where the Cengarle family, together with the skill of Tarcisia Gazziola, has set up the main salon in an impeccable manner, creating an elegant setting, leaving all those present without words.

This is the moment of the couple’s photographic session, and we go to the Castle of Strassoldo, a magnificent village set in the plain of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The day passes quickly, and after returning to the restaurant for dinner the evening begins to come alive with games, surprises and lots of music. Valentina is a professional musician, so the choice of music could only be the best.

And here’s the cake, the fireworks and again the music: this time with the Beerbanti Band, with its blues has made the guests unleash!

We are at the end now, with a bit of melancholy we pack our equipment, greet the couple and we move home, grateful for taking part in this special day.

Luca, Valentina … to you only the best!

Type of session: Wedding

Photography: Davide Cristin

Assisting and lighting: Rachele Mosolo

Wedding Planner: Le Idee di Tarcisia Grazziola

Reception: Trattoria Al Paradiso, Udine

Music Band:  Beerbanti Band

Foto Session: Strassoldo Castle



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