Eugenia and Miguel

Eugenia and Miguel, 2nd of April 2015, Tequileria La Cofradia, Tequila, Mexico


Last time was really special. We were fortunate enough to document an amazing day, another beautiful wedding. Since the getting ready we realised that Miguel, the groom, is an amazing person, sweet and beloved by his family. There was a moment during which we were touch by the family love in between them.

Getting ready

Eugenia and Miguel found themself in the same path of life, they share the same passion, they are doctors both of them. And It was not enough, suddenly one day, they decided to go beyond everything, and shared their lifes as well. They took the incredible surroundings of Tequila town and twisted it into their own for a spectacular celebration. Friends and family came from near and far, and great times were had that day, a day to remember.

this night had an extra value for me

Personally, this night had an extra value for me. I was lucky enough to work with the legendary Alina Zardo, who was this time in charge of the video for this project. I bet, the final video will be an extraordinay piece of art, as she has a proper photographic approach for these matters, so to speak.

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Juancho Villalobos
Video Maker and Editing: Alina Zardo
Video Assistant and second camera: Julio Rosiles
Location: Tequileria La Cofradia, Tequila,Mexico


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