Federica and Marco

Federica and Marco, 4th August 2012, Tenuta Castelvecchio, Italy

Federica and Marco are the first couple who gave me all the their confidence and assigned me my first wedding as a professional and that’s why I don’t stop showing it.

I’m very proud of the job I’ve done that day, even with less experience then today and with a lot of insecurity.

I barely knew how to manage everything and I wasn’t even using flashes at that time. I was so in contrar of the artificial lights!

Federica is a very good friend of my sister and thanks to a recommendation we could get in touch with Fede and Marco. They immediately liked my previous works. They were so sure I could do an excellent joy for them they didn’t esitate a minute to say yes!

Federica going down the stairs of her parent’s home

This image is very important for me as I could freeze this spontaneous moment down the stairs where there was just little light coming from the entrance and the friends behind where emotionally welcoming the bride.

Hardly waiting

The mother glance

This is a very significant moment a very important picture for me as here we can se the bride looking at her husband with lot of love in her eyes and behind there is her mother looking at them whit a complicit glance. That’s a so tender and real moment I’m so happy they could have this image.

The beautiful sunset session

They are fantastic people, generous and happy and above all, they are truly and infinitely in love! I’ll never stop thanking them for this great opportunity. These pictures are so important for me, they definitely decided for me and my career. They have been exposed to all our expos and are still my favourites. With them, with those smiles and those simple sunset shots, I will travel and show what is wedding photography for me all around the world.

The image!

How Italians like to have parties


This has been the perfect wedding and it will always be!

The perfect wedding

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo

Second Photographer: Carlos Lopez
Location: Tenuta Castelvecchio, North Italy

Catering: Il Platina Restaurant


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