Ana Laura and Alan

Ana Laura and Alan, 26th of November 2016, Monte Coxala, Jocotepec, Jalisco

Kids are getting ready

I’d like to introduce this wedding, talking about couples that decide to get married AFTER having babies already. This is not our first time in a wedding where the real protagonists are the kids and not just the parents! Well, this has been my case as well, mine and Carlos’s. Ana Laura and Alan have two little amazing creatures. They are so spontaneous and funny and gave me a lot of moments to catch. They made the event.



Ana Laura organised this wedding in a very rushing time: that surprised me how she could managed everything in few days before the event.

Mother’s love
She’s ready



This fact made me remember how strong and determinate can be a woman when she wants to get something, even with lots of thing to thing about and people to take care of.



The spectacular Scenario

Everything took place in Monte Coxala, this marvellous Spa on the top of a hill in Jocotepec. This is of course not our first time here. This is for sure one of the best ceanarium to choose for an event in Jalisco, in front o f the Chapala Lake and where the whether is just perfect.

Sunset at Monte Coxala

The ceremony during the sunset had been the magical moment of the all day.

We had just few minutes left for taking some formal pictures after the ceremony and before the darkness took place. Even so, we could manage to take some nice shots on the stairs of the monumental structure of the Monte Coxala and see a little bit of sunset behind. As usual I used my MagMod kit to illuminate the couple in the almost complete darkness and give the scene a touch of warm light.

Crazy Reception

The party didn’t expect a minute to get high! The guests where definitely willing to have a great party and to get rapidly drunk!

Groomates’ portrait

As usual, I took the chance to get into the scene the closest I could to get few ‘dangerous’ shots while the party was at its top!


Mad mood

 Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning: Edna Garcia
Video Maker: Juancho Villalobos and Carlos Lopez
Ceremony and Reception Location: Monte Coxala, San Juan Cosala, Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico



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