Antonella and Christian

Antonella and Christian, Wedding Destination to Costiera Amalfitana

10th June 2017, Sorrento, Costiera Amalfitana, Italy

What a wonderful atmosphere: Sorrento, a jewellery of the Costiera Amalfitana, the best frame for Antonella and Christian wedding. Everything in this little town is magical. The only thing you must do is walk through all the tourists and let yourself being hug by the good vibe of the people of this land. This is the land of courtesy and hospitality. It’s so easy to get dazed by the smell of the pastry shops where you can buy sweets of every kind, or by the smell of the citrus or of the see. Sorrento bay has a breathtaking view to the see, a natural terrace with the majestic presence on one side of the Vesuvio, the symbol of Naples.

Here we meet Antonella and Christian, almost ready for their big day, a beautiful early summer day! Christian gets ready in a tiny but refined flat little far from the Hilton Palace Hotel where Antonella is getting ready. The Ceremony takes place in a small church, hide from the hustle of the city, perfect for an intimate function, full of intense emotions.

Yes I do! And then wedding pictures time. We go back to the main part of the town for few pictures, surrounded by an incredible number of tourists. Everybody is paying attention to the couple and shows a lot of affection to them. From the high terrace to the see, we capture the emotions of these two lovers recently married.

Back to the Hilton Palace Hotel, everything is ready for the big reception. Traditional music already plays while the couple gets into the hall. The buffet and the dinner are absolutely perfect and delicious. To end up as the Italian tradition wants, the cake cut take place in an elegant location, in between the citrus trees, followed by the first romantic dance.

Thank you Antonella and Christian to give us the opportunity to accompany you during this special day.


Type of session: Wedding

Photographer: Davide Cristin

Second Photographer and Lighting Assisting: Rachele Mosolo

Video Maker: Carlos Lopez and Gabriel Salcedo

Ceremony: Sorrento

Reception: Hilton Palace Hotel Sorrento, Italy



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