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Welcome to Alina's blog.I'm a seasoned professional, working between Italy and Mexico, where I live with Carlos and our two beautiful kids.
I ended up being a Wedding Photographer but I've always loved to experience photography in many ways. Since I was a kid I've been playing with my father's analogical camera and that's very common through photographers to be the beginning of everything! I've never thought I could became a professional photographer until I arrived to London to spend few years of my life and that changed all my vision about life and possibilities. There's where I met Carlos, my husband, my friend and my business party. He helped me a lot to find my way and to fight for my satisfaction in life, unless I firstly had to work for few years in coffee shops and restaurant as a waitress. In London I also met a lot of people with different stories and experiences and they all teach me a little bit more about life and human beings and how challenging can be life if we just listen to ourself sincerely. So I took the chance and I started my photography career with positive purposes and a lot of passion to be expressed. This blog is just a bit of me and all that's around.
Lissette and Pablo, session, Ocoyoacac, Mexico

Lissette and Pablo

Lissette and Pablo Joyful and funny wedding in Ocoyoacac, Mexico State   Type of session: Wedding Photography: Alina Zardo Video Maker: Gabriel Saucedo and Carlos Lopez Location: Jardin San Hipolito, Ocoyoacac, Mexico WP:
Daniela y Rafael, Couple photo shooting, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Daniela e Rafael

Daniela e Rafael Una boda perfetta dopo la lunga attesa da pandemia, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Type of session: Wedding Photography: Alina Zardo Video Maker: Sergio Alcocer Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Wedding Planner: Rodrigo Mora
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