Enrica and Lorenzo

Enrica and Lorenzo, 6th June 2015, Castelvecchio, North Italy

With Enrica and Lorenzo we had an immediate match, since the first meeting in a beautiful summer day in Gorizia. We did our best to make them happy with the pictures. We work meticulously all day, catching every single smile or emotional expression, Davide and me.

Beautiful bride

Since the morning, the atmosphere was hilarious thanks to the presence of Enrica’s best friends. There was also a tender moment when Enrica’s best friend had to read a letter Enrica wrote her and she star crying and the two just start to live a very intimate moment, beautiful.

Meanwhile Lorenzo was getting ready in his place, in good company.

Lorenzo and his mather

Time to meet the bride!

Enrica arriving to the church

The meeting of the two in the church has been super emotional. In Mexico we are almost used to a meeting in between the lovers before the ceremony, often because of the schedule, but in Italy is still mandatory the first look on the altar and that’s simply gorgeous! Everybody is feeling the emotion, and the bride and the groom became very happy seen each other on their wedding dresses! This was exactly the case.

The ceremony was wonderful, lots of smiles and even tears. The presence of the kids was fundamental and I was impressed by the crying face of Enrica’s father.

That’s love!

Here’s come Mr and Mrs Love

Here they come!
Dancing in the sunset

Dancing night

Enrica and Lorenzo never stopped smiling and enjoying the day and that’s what I always recommend to couples: enjoy your day, let your emotions flow and if you feel like dancing crazy in your formal session, just do it! You’ll never regret it!


Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo

Videography: Origami Videography

Second Photographer: Davide Cristin
Assisting and Lightning: Simona Rossi
Location: Tenuta Castelvecchio, North Italy



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