Erika and Claudio

Erika and Claudio, 11th July 2015, Spessa Castle, Italy


Erika and Claudio have something that not every couple has when they decide to get married: a baby!

The bride and the groom have something that not every couple has when they decide to get married: a baby! For this reason I immediately felt having something in common with them. Carlos and I get married after having our first baby, Gael, and I think this is something that many people still thing is not right, like it should go the other way around: first get married then go to live together and then have a baby. I found out that our formula really worked out and that’s the reason why I felt very close to Erika and Claudio when they told me they already have Alessio in their life!

The Ceremony

Baby waiting for his parents outside the church

The beautiful Spessa Castle

This detail gave the wedding a special atmosphere, not just a young couple having fun but a family together celebrating the magic! The location they choose was perfect to crowned their fairy tail, Castello di Spessa, up to a beautiful hill, surrounded by vineyards and corn fields. We simply loved the place, the food, the wine, the kindness and the view of this amazing location.

The bride portrait

All the friends are having fun

This black and white picture is telling everything about this crazy day! During the party, the couple had to do some games and at the end of one, their baby boy started crying because he wanted the parents attention…finally!

Last moments

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo

Second Photographer: Davide Cristin
Assisting and Lightning: Carlos Lopez
Location: Spessa Castle, North Italy


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