Erika and Jan

Erika and Jan, Trash the Dress, El Manto, Amatlan de Cañas, Mexico

Erika and Jan are not just a couple that we ‘married’ but they are also a couple of good friends of us.



When we decided a place for this trash session, we agreed to go somewhere where we could have fun all together and that’s not a better place then the Manto in Amatlan de Cañas, a location we know very well as we usually go there to meet with family and to relax in the worm water of the river.



We found this beautiful wood on our way to Amatlan. There’s was an amazing light falling trough the trees and there was this big trunk cut off which I absolutely want to use someway. So I ask Erika to stand there and I took this impotent portrait of her. She really like it!


To create this shot we used a back light. Of course it was a bit risky because of the water but I wanted to get that raining effect that was creating the water falling down the rocks. They had the patience to resist the power of the waterfall.



She’s swimming quitley

Jan, who’s usually very stiff in front of the camera, in this occasion had a real fun and couldn’t stop at the end!

Type of session: Trash the dress
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning: Carlos Lopez
Location: El Manto, Amatlan de Cañas, Nayarit, Mexico



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