Gloria and Rodolfo

Gloria and Rodolfo, 12th November 2016, Hacienda de Negrete, Colima

The story of Gloria and Rodolfo reminds me a fairy-tail, especially because Gloria always looked like a little princess to me. Rodolfo treats her like a very precious gift and this is not very common these days, as the brides are usually very self confident and have everything under control. This time it looked like Rodolfo was in charge for everything and that Gloria could enjoy the day with no preoccupations. Which is good and it looked very romantic to me!

Gloria in her princess dress

A little bit of formal session

This is my first time in Colima, a beautiful green region in Mexico. Unfortunately the day of Gloria and Rodolfo’s wedding, it was raining all the time. That’s why we had to limit our session time in a historical hotel boutique. We couldn’t really appreciate the historical center and we limited our movements around the city.

Like a princess and her prince

A wet ceremony for a raining day!

Funny moment

Reception at the Hacienda de Negrete

Even if the terrace where the party took place was very intimate, I appreciated the simplicity of the decoration and the essentiality of the organisation. It almost remembered me a typical european wedding, where the couple is the only important protagonist and the family is the main guest. We also had the honour to work while the famous Joao DJ from Guadalajara was playing.

The Whitelooper’s team had a great fun as we felt like we were in a familiar mood. This time, my lighting assistant Edna, known the bride and part of her family. This helped us to feel more confident.


 Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning: Edna Garcia
Video Maker and Editing: Iovani Lopez
Reception Location: Hacienda de Negrete, Colima, Mexico



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