Ilinka and Francesco

Ilinka and Francesco, 3rd June 2016, Trieste, Italy


I feel very lucky when a couple contact me from a country different from the one where I live, especially if there is no doubt from the bride and the groom to have me as the photographer. That represent a big goal for me. Ilinka and Francesco gave me all their faith and they trust me in every moment. They gave me the opportunity to shoot in one of my favourite cities in the world: Trieste, in the North Italy, where I’m originally from. We had an amazing shooting in the Miramare Castle, one of the most romantic place I know.


During the getting ready of the groom, the presence of the mum is almost mandatory even if the moment can be to much moving. I love this image because it’s so spontaneous how mother and son show their happiness just minutes before the wedding


Guests celebrating the bride

Trieste and Miramare Castle, one of the most romantic mansion in Italy

Miramare Castle

This is a not well know side of the Miramare Castle, where usually couples don’t stop to take a picture but I like the lines and the movement of the columns, and I also think that it was kind of funny using the couple as part of this game of volumes and lines

Unusual face of the castle

Ilinka and Francesco enjoyed the formal session as they where the owners of this beautiful mansion, where the time seems to have stopped since Maximiliano left for Mexico centuries ago!

Time to have a lovely Italian dinner and celebrate with friends!

First dance

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo

Second Photographer: Davide Cristin
Assisting and Lightning: Rachele Masolo
Location: Castello di Miramare, Trieste, Italy

Reception: Casali Isola Augusta, Udine, Italy


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