Laura and Giacomo

Laura and Giacomo, Multicultural Wedding in North Italy

Palmanova, 8th July 2017

Laura and Giacomo are two marvellous people, representing again the perfect match between two different cultures, almost the same as mine with my husband.

Laura is from Colombia and Giacomo from a small town in the North East Italy, close to where I’m from. They met in London and they have been living in between Colombia, Italy and England for years before taking their relation to the next level. The same as me and Carlos! They finally decided to get married in Giacomo’s home land but they invited a very representative group of friends and family from Colombia.

The atmosphere was beautiful! Many feelings and sensations, not just the common happiness of two people getting married, but much more. When someone decides to tie his life forever with someone from somewhere else, it’s inevitable that many people will suffer the separation, especially parents and friends. Everybody is happy for the happiness of the bride and the groom, but everybody knows that they will probably fly away somewhere else. During the ceremony, Giacomo’s father had a moment speaking about that. It had been very intense and very difficult to hold back the tears.

The celebration had been exactly how we were expecting. On the Carlos Vives songs, the famous Colombian musician, the party had the taste of a proper latino fiesta! We are used to that as in Mexico is the climax moment of every Wedding. It was good to have it here in Italy as well!

We had a great fun as everybody else at the party. We desire all the best to these beautiful people, the perfect example that love has no frontiers.


Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo

Second photographer: Davide Cristin
Assisting and Lightning : Rachele Mosolo

Videography: Carlos Lopez

Ceremony: Chiesa di San Francesco, Palmanova, Italy

ReceptionRistorante al Fiume Stella, Precenicco, Ud



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