Mariana and Gabo

Mariana and Gabo, wedding in Chapala on the beautiful terrace of Camachines de San Juan, Ajijic

Camachines de San Juan, Ajijic, Chapala

It has been a while since the last post but I have had this one ready for few months already. Sometimes it’s hard to keep publishing post and work non stop on the field at the same time. But I didn’t want to let this wedding story on the shadow and let the time pass by. This wedding had been very important for me. One of those work that make me proud to be a wedding photographer. Mariana and Gabo are two marvellous people whom I loved since the first time. They are spontaneous and sincere. Their wedding has been a continuous flow of happiness and joy and even the strong high temperature could not stop the celebration of love.

The preparation took place in the whitish and elegant hotel VitaBella in Ajijic. The bride in one room and the groom in another, both accompanied by their families. The first look was architected to surprise Mariana while she was in her solo session. She wasn’t expecting Gabo to show up at all, so the moment result to be very emotional. We realised that this way of planning the first look is more effecting then the conventional way, when the groom is waiting the bride coming from his back.

The couple session has been quite hash because of the hot temperature. We found refreshens just moving to a shadowing garden and ending the photoshoot under the trees. The ceremony took place in the San Andres Church in Ajijic which we known already very well. I have to say that this time we get the best daily light ever.

The last and best part of all had been the party time, in Camachines de San Juan. The planning had been professionally managed by Enrique Hoffner, a very expert wedding planner from Guadalajara. I really loved the illumination and as the place looked. It really seemed like ‘the sky was on fire’ and the atmosphere wasn’t less crazy.

As sometimes happened, we had, as a working team, a beautiful time together with the planner and the couple and we sadly had to leave the party because the long way back home. But I’m sincerely glad we had been part of this wedding experience. Thank you Mariana and Gabo! We wish you all the best and to keep this contagious enthusiasm and complicity forever.


Type of session: Wedding

Photography: Alina Zardo

Assisting and lighting: Julio Rosiles

Videography: Gabriel Salcedo

Getting Ready and Formal Session: La Vita Bella, San Juan

Ceremony: San Andres, Ajijic

Wedding Planner: Enrique Hoffner

Flowers: Michelle Pourroy



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