Marisol and Jorge

Marisol and Jorge, casual session, way to Colima, Mexico

Marisol and Jorge are a beautiful couple, full of positive energy and completely in love with each other. For their casual session we had to change the place where to take the pictures because the wether wasn’t so good. We changed our plan to go far from Guadalajara and we found this pure place, almost uninhabited, where the civilisation is still far.

Marisol and Jorge and the old tree

While we were taking pictures in the ‘uncle’s house’, I noticed this beautiful tree, and to me it was representing the power of history and the beautiful of nature. It seems like it was the perfect match between Marisol and Jorge. That’s why it is the real protagonist in this picture.

They were well disposed and we had great fun, above all because we fount an empty beautiful house where we could took some shots imagining to be in our uncle countryside house!

Modelling like a professional!
When the night found us still in session

Type of session: Casual
Photography: Alina Zardo
Location: Way to Colima, Mexico


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