Valentina and Adriano

Valentina and Adriano, 9th July 2016, Villa Iachia, Italy


In a very hot day this wedding has been a pleasant fresh breeze!

Valentina and Adriano are a genuine and spontaneous couple that made a sultry day of July become a cheerful party day. The atmosphere was full of music, dances and playful moments, where all the guests were involved and had fun.

Time to get married!

Game of reflections

Adriano is a good friend of mine and seeing him going to the church to get married has been very emotional. Sometimes is difficult to don’t let the emotion win over the concentration but this time I focused on his eyes and I catch this reflection which I saw immediately on the car’s window.

The Ceremony took place in a local church where all the people know each other. Sometimes even people that don’t know the couple come and assist to the ceremony only because they want to be part of the celebration and tell people from the town about the new engagement! This is very typical in Italy!

Villa Iachia, a beautiful mansion surrounded by nature

When we get to Villa Iachia, Ruda, the temperature was torturing us so we immediately went to the drinks bar and to find freshness and shadow under the trees of the beautiful park of the mansion. There’s where people start enjoying the celebration, especially kids, who are an essential presence during Italian weddings as the majority of the couple’s friends have little kids already!

Kid’s joy!

Few minutes enjoying the peaceful Villa’s park

And when the sun went down, I took the chance to take the bride and the groom to the park for the formal session. It hasn’t be easy has they were proved by the hot temperature and they just wanted to enjoying the party. But they gave me few minutes and I’m sure they didn’t regret it.

And when the day is almost over, it’s time to remember how they where and how they get to this point. This is the moment for smiles and the last tear!

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Davide Cristin

Second Photographer: Veronica Sauchelli
Location: Muzzana del Turgnano, North Italy

Reception: Villa Iachia, Ruda, Udine, North Italy



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