Vero and Misael

Vero and Misael, 16th January 2016, Acapulco, Mexico

It’s kind of an achieved dream for a photographer when a couple chooses you to go to a beautiful place to take pictures at their wedding, like Acapulco!

Mexico is a colourful country full of magic and surprises
I know I go to Italy sometimes to photograph beautiful Italians weddings, but for me as a foreign photographer in Mexico it feels really good working all around the country, this colourful country full of magic and surprises. I’ve been feeling very lucky and honoured to be called by Vero and Misael, from Leon and Romita! We had a precious time in Acapulco, feeling part of the big family!

Working in this kind of place is like being on holiday actually! We enjoyed the beach, eat tasty food and have a innumerable amount of beers! Sometimes being out for few days can be hard for the team itself but at the same time very challenging, especially when people like Vero and Misael do all their best to make you feel part of the family! Thank you! We’d love to work like this all the time!

Getting ready could be fun!

Of course this picture is a request from the groom best man. Don’t ask me why they have this feeling of being oppressed by the groom but I found the result pretty funny so I accepted to take the picture and collect a new point of view on best men pictures!

Vero and Misael wedding ceremony

One of the strongest feeling I had when I first met Vero and Misael was that he is a very sensible person and that he will not contain any feeling during the event. And that’s what happened! He couldn’t hide his happiness and this hug tells it clearly. Love it!

The first dance

Time to trash that dress on the beach!

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning: Edna Garcia

Videography: Iovani Lopez
Location: Acapulco, Mexico


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