Marisol and Jorge, 24th of September 2016, Guadalajara, Mexico

And after the beautiful casual session we had on a cloudy day, we finally assisted the wedding.

Marisol and Jorge had a very familiar moment during the preparation. Marisol decided to be overloaded by her family and that gave the moment a very intimate taste! There was a girl, her niece, who was dancing and making funny faces. I have a special attention for kids: I find the moment even more special when kids are around.

She’s getting ready

When the kids are the soul of the day!

She’s dancing

During the formal session, we arrange the first look in this beautiful event location, Casa Clementina, and even the sun wasn’t against us, we would be able to catch a very intimate moment between the two. Marisol, who always seemed to have the control on everything, couldn’t contained her emotion. We had a funny session together with the bride maids and the constant presence of the family.

Glamour and beauty!

The bride and the groom
Catching moment!

Ceremony in gold!

This has been one of the most touching ceremony in a while. The priest, who are sometimes difficult to get along with photographers, spoke decently about the couple and Marisol couldn’t contain her tears.

The San Juan Macias Church is really not one of my favourite, as the illumination is terrible and usually the pictures come out yellowy! I had to use the flash all the time to avoid this problem. I experiment a bit thanks to my assistant and I empathised the golden walls in post production

San Juan Macias Church

The Party Time!

The party has been very funny thanks to the closest friends of Marisol and Jorge. There hasn’t been any bouquet time because the bride wanted to avoid that craziness moment when the guests are already too drunk and they start throwing drinks and the groom! But she couldn’t really avoid it as the groom’s friends didn’t save the groom to his end!

Hugs and tears!
First dance!

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning: Edna Garcia
Video Maker and Editing: Iovani Lopez
Reception Location: Casa Clementina, Guadalajara, Mexico


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