Monica and Guillermo

Monica and Guillermo, 9th April 2016

Monica and Guillermo’s wedding was a real example of elegance and style. From the beginning and their choice of places, we perceived a good taste. We had the opportunity to discover new places in Guadalajara, small but truly nice and perfect for a photography session. Sometimes simple and local places can be very challenging for a photographer. And sometimes a small and very intimate wedding can be the right occasion to take some nice and well balanced shots. This is my first time with my new MagMod kit! Falling in love already.

Sometimes a small and very intimate wedding can be the right occasion to take some nice and well balanced shots.

I thank Monica and Guillermo for their kindness and all their willingness and I wish them all the best for their new life together in the USA!

Black and white, for an intence scene

This is a moment when not just the composition counts but also quick thinking is indispensable to catch the moment. Guillermo is in the bathroom dressing up while his father is contemplating the city. His expression is intense and I don’t want to lose the moment. It seems like father and son are living intimate moments with themselves in the same room but separately. I asked Rafa to take the flash inside the bathroom to give Guillermo a spot of light otherwise he couldn’t have and I expose on his father and the natural light falling from the window. Black and white makes the scene ever more intense.

Monica and Guillermo are very romantic and during the event they spent a lot of time kissing each other. So sweet! But their kisses were very quick and I had to hurry to compose the scene keeping the romantic and happy atmosphere as it was without interrupt the moment interfering their intimacy. So, I took few shots first to the scene to compose and expose rightly and I asked Rafa to stay close to them but out of the lights, in the shadow and I kept my position for a while waiting for the right moment and the next kiss to shoot. Voilà!

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning: Rafa
Location: Casa de los Abanicos, Guadalajara Mexico



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