Monse and Daniel, 11th March 2017, La Gotera  Eventos, Mexico

Here we are again, at La Gotera Eventos Venue. The Gotera Eventos is an amazing architectonical place in La Venta del Astillero. When you get in you see some strange ruins and you think you are in an historical place but, as long as you get in, you realise this is much more then a venue, is a total art work from a visionary architect of our days.

The place is naturally decorated by a prosperous flora with bougainvillaea everywhere and other species. Monse and Daniel, choose this place to celebrate their happy wedding last march.

The Wedding dress

Getting Ready

Monse and Daniel, choose this place to celebrate their happy wedding last march. The day was beautiful and the bride and the groom were in an amazing shape, full of happiness and thrilled by their emotions! As usual when families and friends have an important part in a couple life, even the wedding day looks better! Daniel’s friends were doing the job!

The Groom Maids

Monse’s mother and sister were fundamental for the preparation of the bride. It was good to see so much love between them! I really love closed families. They remember mine! Which I’m pretty proud of!

Monse’s glance

The First Look

The formal session was cool. Monse and Daniel decided to meet each other before the ceremony and to have their first look in the La Gotera garden, among the ruins. The moment was just perfect. They really enjoyed their first look and their attitude during the session was great. It went smooth and easy. I didn’t have to say nothing to make it works.

Pure happiness


On their way to the ceremony

The Ceremony at San Juan Macias Church

The ceremony took place in a church we know very well as well: the San Juan Macias temple. The light in this church is not easy at all. I guess I talked about this detail before as we had been here few times this season already. Check Marisol and Jorge Wedding for reference. Is a little bit better when the ceremony is during the day as the natural light coming from outside helps a bit during the exit of the couple, while during the night, the yellowy light inside the church is the main protagonist of all the scene.

I found the way to kill a bit this annoying element, using my flashes but is not always working, especially when the things happens fast and is difficult to change the light set quickly. My canon 50mm 1.2 sometimes helps but the best color balance is get only with flash. Anyway, I had good shots thanks to the positive attitude of the bride and the groom, so in love with each other, they couldn’t contain their happiness.

And that is one of the reason why I choose to published this wedding instead of others. Love is always beautiful and take your breath away all the time. But is alway better when is left out of control and it is spread all around with spontaneous behaviours.

Reception at La Gotera Eventos

The video moment

During the party, Monse and Daniel had few surprises for their guests, fist of all the spectacular decoration of the modern part of the Gotera. Thanks to Mauricio Rivera Kirshner and his stuff, they could get a dreamy, detailed, softly illuminated atmosphere. All the guests remain impressed by the beauty of the place.

In a second place, Monse and Daniel showed a video of themselves which made laugh all the guests and finally we put on a short movie of a same day edition made by ourself. It totally surprised all the audience who wasn’t expected at all something like that. The same day edition is something the bride and the groom really appreciate as they can see each other and how they are acting and enjoying the day. Sometimes the thing are running so fast, the couple cannot really know what’s going on.

Daughter and Mother’s dance and Mother and Son’s dance
The crazy dance!

The funniest moment was the first dance. As usual we were expecting something static and as the videographer Sergio as me were waiting for the perfect shot in a perfect scenario but things sometimes goes out of control and the dance converted in something totally different of out we were expecting. Monse and Daniel danced like crazy, jumping around the all dance floor even separated. We had to take pictures like them: like crazy!! Praying for something good to get!

I had the large part of my shots moved, too moved to be good. I couldn’t fast the shutter speed to much as I really wanted the ambient light to get into my shots. I did my best. Every time I remember that moment I start laughing as I remember my stress and the one of all my colleagues trying to do our best and get great shots anyway! Sometimes the unexpected can be challenging and that’s good to wake up, photographer, and to get rid of the confort area you’ve built around you. So, let’s take it as a good experience!

The final moments, the crazy party on the dance-floor!

 Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning : Edna Garcia
Video Maker: Sergio Alcozer
Ceremony : San Juan Macias, Av. Acueducto, Guadalajara

Reception: La Gotera Eventos, La Venta del Astillero, Guadalajara, Mexico


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