Nickie and Miguel

Nickie and Miguel, 28th May 2016, Monte Coxala, Mexico

The mood of the party is totally in a Mexican style… the one we like!
Back to Chapala, Monte Coxala, one of our favourite place in Jalisco, where the sunsets can be very romantic and the panorama is truly nice. This time we are back here with a beautiful couple from the USA, Nickie and Miguel. I like their Spanish accent, very American. I feel less stranger in here!

Nickie and Miguel want to celebrate their wedding in Mexico even they live in the USA to honour their Mexican roots and family. I really like that. The mood of the party is totally in a Mexican style… the one we like! Lot of dance and tequila.

We spent two day with them, one before the wedding, on a short boat trip party along the lake, and the wedding day. I can see some tired faces on Saturday morning! The Friday party was gooooood! The day is plenty of emotions, kids smile, nostalgia tears and that’s what we like. This is a great and big family. Thanks for making us part of this. There’s nothing better than a multicultural event.

Funny moments with the wedding dress

This picture is very simple. I took a picture of the dress but it’s not what I really like to do because I have fun doing reportage. It’s kind of difficult for me thinking a pose for a dress!

Anyway. I like this one because it’s seems like there is a wooden face watching at the dress and it’s just the trunk sustaining the dress. Funny uh?


Nickie and Miguel wedding party

When I saw the girls sitting there I thought they must be in the picture; this moment, this sweet first dance of Miguel and his mother is incomplete without the presence of these two beautiful girls. They have been part of the party for two long days. They have been always part of the scene. They must get into it. So I sit close to them and I wait until they faced each other so their profiles come out clearly and they give sweetness to the picture.

Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning: Julio Rosiles
Video Maker: Vladimir Urbano
Location: Chapala, Monte Coxala, Mexico


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