Alina Zardo

owner and photographer

Alina Zardo’s philosophy being a wedding photographer is this: simply put, it’s your day. Not the photographer’s. Alina’s job is to capture the beauty of the celebration without interfering.

Alina Zardo was born in Italy and since she completed her University's studies, she has been living her life travelling and looking for the right place to settle down. Since she met Carlos, her husband, her life has changed a lot and thanks to his resourceful spirit, pushing her though her limits, she discovered her purpose in life: be a photographer.
“Simply put, it's your day, not the photographer's„
At the moment she’s a seasoned professional, working between Italy and Mexico, where she lives with Carlos and their two beautiful kids. She ended up being a Wedding Photographer but she loves to experience photography in many ways.
During her career, Alina has studied and worked with some great and recognised photographers
. She shoot for concerts, festivals, films and short films during her first career in London. She also works on some personal reportage projects. Alina Zardo’s philosophy being a wedding photographer is this: simply put, it’s your day. Not the photographer’s. Alina’s job is to capture the beauty of the celebration without interfering. To be a helpful presence. And to treat every wedding as something that’s unique as love is. She likes to work with couples as a team to make every wedding the perfect day.

Vero and Misael, First Dance, Acapulco, Mexico

I want the couple to be alone in this sweet moment and that’s why I create this glittering effect standing behind a group of yellow light.

Caro and Jorge, Playa Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico

During the trash the dress, I asked Caro and Jorge to lay down the beach waiting for a wave and I stand right above them until the wave came and surprised us all! But that caused a beautiful and natural smile!

Erandy and Paris, Bride Portrait, Casa Fayette, Guadalajara, Mexico

This portrait is inspired by the geometrical lights of the bar of this hotel. I just want to isolate the bride while she was taking a brake alone. 

Arantxa and Carlos, The bride bouquet, Monclova, Mexico

The very best part of the setting during this wedding was the ceiling and the thousands of pieces of silver paper hanging. So I want to fix this element in an important image: the bride throwing the bouquet.  

Enrica and Lorenzo, Tenuta Castelvecchio, Gorizia, Italy

These is are the bride’s closest friends and this hug means more then everything. The bride is fully covered my friendship love!

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Elena and Andrea, Catajo Castle, Padova, Italy

During a typical Italian toast, here we have the groom’s brother looking at the bride while he’s making everybody laughing. I love the atmosphere in that room

Monica and Guillermo, Casa de los Abanicos, Guadalajara, Mexico

While everybody is dancing the bride and the groom find their time for a sweet kiss on the dance floor. Nobody is taking care apart from me. Sweet moment!

Anna e Louis, Hacienda Cocoyoc, Cuernavaca, Mexico

To do this shot, I first explored the area, before the dance started and I found a spot above the dance floor, through a window. My assistant was just under me, with the Magmod flash. I wanted to valorise the candles floating above the couple. 

Silvia and Emanuele, Sunset portrait, San Floriano del Collio, Italy

This was the very best moment for a shot, and the perfect location. We are in a grapes field with an adorable couple. Their silhouette is the perfect reflection of elegance and love. Sometimes I just wait for the right moment to take the perfect portrait. 

Ariela and Jonathan, Nayui Beach, Nayarit, Mexico, Jewish Wedding

When the father and mother walk with the bride along the way to the altar, is a very significant moment culminating with the bride’s father giving her daughter to the groom. There’s a lot of serenity and happiness in this shot I can’t stop smiling remembering that moment.