Carlos Lopez

the "Drone Man"

Carlos is the co-founder of WhiteLoopStudio project. He’s actually the soul of the project and a very reference for everybody.

Carlos "drone man" Lopez - founder Carlos Lopez, together with Alina, is the co-founder of WhiteLoopStudio project. He’s actually the soul of it and a very reference for everybody. He his also the master flying the Dron during the video shooting. He doesn’t find any limits and every kind of place in the world is a good spot for a fly! Carlos is responsible for the first approach to the couples and the clients.
He keeps good relations with wedding planners and is representing the team during the expos and working trips. He is also a very careful father and a lovely husband.
Carlos husband of Alina, father of Erin and Gael, destination wedding producer and videographer in Mexico and Italy.
To found his truest passion in the art of telling love stories, Carlos creates films that tell the story of your wedding day unobtrusively and artistically, crafting every unique film as the most important of his career. Working as wedding videographer in Mexico and Italy means he get to share in the biggest day of people's lives. The wedding films that come from Carlos and his team mates carry an undeniable air of romance, elegance and a wedding documentary signature.
He knows the variety of things to create a wedding video that the special couple and others will love for the rest of their lives.
For Carlos and his family filming and photograph wedding and many more things was the solution to find their new lifestyle. Destination Wedding Videography is how they can keep traveling and working making every wedding in any parts of the world their home. Carlos and Alina two visionary artists who believe that every relationship is unique and special, they aim to tell your story in the most authentic, truthful manner - capturing the entire essence and spirit of your wedding day

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