Fathers at Wedding

The Spotless Love
One of the mains protagonists at a weddings are the fathers. The father of the bride, who’s often on stage with his daughter dancing alone with her as the first. The father of the groom, who’s behind the scene very often but does end up having the strongest influence on the scene. They are often indispensable people in the couples life, examples of strangeness and tenderness at the same time. 

Marisol and Jorge, 24th September2016, First and last

That's the moment when the father take her daughter to the dance floor and dance with her as it it the first and the last time. Many emotions on the stage, good moment to catch the best of the fathers! 

Alejandra and Agustin, 20th May 2017, father's thoughts

What is in his father's mind? What is he thinking while his son is almost ready to get married and is writing thoughts of love for her future wife? We'd like to think is worrying about his happiness...in a good way.

Aratxa and Carlos, 6th May 2017, always be my little girl

Hey, it this you, little angel? Father's picking gently and jokingly his daughter's ear as he wants to remember her she will always be her little girl, even with a beautiful make up on. 

Laura and Giacomo, 8th July 2017, father's tears

The father of the groom has just finished his speech during the Religiose Ceremony. It has been too hard containing the emotion and he's just broken in tears, the same as his son. 

Estephania and Jesus, 4th March 2017, happiness on the dance  floor

There is a moment, when the groom happily dances with his mother and the bride stays on the border of the dance floor waiting for her turn to come. Father usually stays close to the bride and assist moved by the scene. 

Aratxa and Carlos, 6th May 2017, I will love you forever

The most touching moment ever: when the father takes his daughter to the altar and with a great effort leaves her to the groom's care. The expression of this father  means everything!

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