Gabriel Salcedo


Gabriel has a really delicate cinematographic taste.  He tries to explore over senses and connecting emotions with environment.

Gabriel treats your wedding video as an expressive tool to showcase your story in the most personal way.
His unique, documentary-style wedding cinematography is his strongest quality. Gabriel enjoys attending to our wedding destinations. He has been already working in whole Mexico, Unites States, Belize, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic and England . He definetly will travel the world to tell your fairytale. There are so many moments that make your wedding day special and Gabriel is sure to recreate it all through his lens.

This Mexican Wedding Videographer thinks that film is one of the purest forms of art.
Filming a wedding is about capturing an overall atmosphere and take you back to the right place and time. For Gabriel every wedding video experience is not just a job opportunity, is all about to have an inestimable chance to leave a life time mark in a human been.

Sabrina and Eduardo, Wedding,  Mexico City

Sabrina and Eduardo had a two days wedding, inviting all their friend and families to this beautiful city, Mexico city which I love. This video was made thanks to the support of my mentors Alina Zardo and Carlos Lopez

Karen and Davide, Spessa Castle, North Italy

This has been the best wedding experience for me and I thank everyday WhiteLoopStudio to gave me the chance to film a wedding in Italy in this beautiful mansion. Karen and Davide's wedding has been full of emotions which I tried grab all the time. 

Ariela and Jonathan,Nahui Beach, Mexico

Ariela and Jonathan has an emotional wedding where there was a perfect balance between tradition, craziness, friendship and love. The place was absolutely perfect and we couldn't  have enough. 

Andrea and Alex, Nizuc, Riviera Maya, Mexico

This has been one of my more complex experience as I had to document a three days wedding and a lot of things happened. I had the important support of Carlos Lopez who always help me with the dron. 

Karely and Mario, Wedding, Tapalpa, Mexico

This is my first wedding video I could direct with my imagination only. I wanted to take out the very deep souls of the lovers, living all the rest outside as I wanted this video to be about them and their precious love only.

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