Juancho Villalobos


Every event is for Juancho a great challenge and people love his passion and sensibility.

Juancho Villalobos is a Mexican photographer who joined WhiteLoopStudio after being looking for his inspiration in photography for a long time. His astonished landscape pictures weren’t enough to accomplish with his desire of being a complete photographer.
“Wedding photography: that’s were he finds true pleasure and recognition„
So he turned into wedding photography because that’s were he finds true pleasure and recognition. Every event is for him a great challenge and people love his passion and sensibility.
Juancho is also a beloved teacher and is often organising short photography courses for young and old students who want to increase their passion for the medium. He is based in Guadalajara but lived in England for few years and still travels for realising amazing shootings thanks to relevant contacts he made during his european experience.

Eugenia and Miguel, Hacienda la Cofradia, Tequila, Mexico

“It wasn't that long, and it certainly wasn't the kind of kiss you see in movies these days, but it was wonderful in its own way.” This was a perfect moment! Sparklers always are great elements to compose beautiful pictures, in here, there were not the exception. Sparklers, perfect lighting, a beautiful kiss, a unique moment, . . . perfectly captured. 

Vanessa and Chuy, Getting Ready, Punto San Paulo, Guadalajara, Mexico

The Bride, two sisters and the best friend, all you needed to capture this moment. It is a brilliant layered-trianguled composition. A sister taking a picture to the bride, meanwhile the second staring at her and the best friend perfectly fitted as audience. Pinky colors, nice light, lovely picture.

Vanessa and Chuy, Ceremony, San Juan Masias, Guadalajara, Mexico

Usually, couples are very stressed out at the ceremony. In this picture, Vanessa (the bride) was the exception with this spontaneous gazing to her brand new husband. I bet Chuy (the groom), is a very lucky man these days. “and the afterglow...of your gaze...is the only sweater that I need.”

Vanessa and Chuy, Ceremony, San Juan Macias, Guadalajara, Mexico

This is The couple´s favorite picture! It was captured in B&W. They were watching their respective best friends at the same time when I shot it. The connection between Vanessa (the bride) and her best friend taking a picture is extraordinary! Not to mention Chuy, smiling like never before in his life. Love it!

Vanessa and Chuy, Celebration, Guadalajara, Mexico

Okay, this was kissing. Serious kissing. Not just a kiss before going to celebrate! Being honest, It took me several shots to get this shot right. Good thing, they did not stop kissing each other. I have to mention that the driver did not know what was going on. The image tells the whole story.

Eugenia and Miguel, Formal Session, Tequila, Mexico

Tequila´s landscapes are world famous! This was a real special moment. We were moving to another location and the couple was enjoying the magical sunset happening that particular moment. I really like this composition very much, perspectived road, magueys, red ground and the astonishing sky created this extraordinary image.

Vanessa and Cesar, Getting Ready, Hotel Wyndham Garden, Guadalajara, Mexico

A beautiful chaotic moment! Vanessa (the bride) getting ready, her mom helping her with the shoes and the bride maids backing up the ritual. Completing this image, the kid discovering the Spanish fan. It is a lovely, layered composition!

Andrea and Roberto, Hacienda Magdalena, Guadalajara, Mexico

Vows are the most special moment in the ceremony. The priest looking at the camera and how the light is hitting the bride, is just something I had to capture! The twist in composition was just to give another perspective to the image. Great moment.

Eugenia and Miguel, Formal Session, Tequila, Mexico

Even thought is the most important day of your life, always there is enough time to walk your dog. It was a nice walk over the train tracks. Once again, Tequila´s landscapes helping to compose beautiful images.

Andrea and Roberto, Formal Session, Hacienda la Magdalena, Guadalajara, Mexico

A very mystical portrait. I just had to place Andrea (the bride) in the middle of this mystical garden, set up the flash pointing at her and shot it, in order to get this extraordinary portrait of a beautiful bride.

Andrea and Roberto, Fireworks, Hacienda la Magdalena, Guadalajara, Mexico

Fireworks are magical always. Nothing better than end up the celebration with them. Fireworks are meaningful and even more if they happen by surprise. Andrea and Roberto enjoyed every single moment of them.

Vanessa and Cesar, First Dance, Bellaterra Salon, Guadalajara, Mexico

Your first dance should be unique and special, perhaps fun, classic or understated. Most importantly, It should be for you by you. The image tells the story by itself.

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