Sergio Alcocer

Sergio has a great experience into the cinematography wedding industry to embody all of the elements that make your wedding day so magical.
He artistically captures the entire day from start to finish documenting your wedding day with discretion and a fine eye to make your wedding video undeniably exquisite.
The final product will leave you in astonished of his talent and the beauty of the most special day of your life.
Sergio is the finest taste guy of the crew. With his detailed work, he can reflect the magic of every single wedding.
Sergio works hard every time to offers unique, meaningful wedding videography, always making sure to create work as authentic as the love between the couples they're shooting. Polite and  professional, Sergio makes sure the couples are as confortable as possible. The result will document each moment to be relived over and over.

Astrid and Javier, Mexico City 12.11.16

Astrid and Javier had a very emotional wedding day, they expressed all their love without any filter. It has been one of the best experience in wedding cinematography.  

Tracy and Andrew, 24.3.17
Los Cabos, Mexico

Tracy and Andrew, an american couple, decided to come to Mexico to have their beautiful wedding on the beach. This has been a true love wedding destination experience. 

Paola and Ivan, 1.4.17
Guadalajara, Mexico

Paola and Ivan are a beautiful couple, they expressed their true love all day long. The cinematographic experience has been one of the best and well remember from all. 

Anna and Louis
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Amazing wedding destination experience, in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. It has been great to work at four hands with Gabriel Salcedo to get the final result. 

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