The team

The team is a heterogeneous group of creatives, photographers, video makers, graphic designers, editors who believe on the importance on doing things right and with enthusiasm. 
“Our job is our way of living"
That's why we are not just professionals able to deliver a proper job but we are also people who really like to do what we do. Our job is our way of living and we are happy to help you, whatever service you are looking for. 

Alina Zardo
owner and photographer

Alina Zardo’s philosophy being a wedding photographer is this: simply put, it’s your day. Not the photographer’s. Alina’s job is to capture the beauty of the celebration without interfering.

Gabriel Saucedo

Gabriel has a really delicate cinematographic taste. He tries to explore over senses and connecting emotions with environment.

Carlos Lopez

Carlos is the co-founder of WhiteLoopStudio project. He’s actually the soul of the project and a very reference for everybody.

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