Wedding reception

When the stress is over, the party starts! This is the most joyful moment where photographers get completely involved by the ambient and guests mood. There are parties where even the photographers get so involved that they can’t stop dancing! The bride and the groom are usually extremely enthusiastic that they can’t totally control their manners.

Enrica and Lorenzo, Tenuta Castelvecchio, Gorizia, Italy, One more kiss

The bride and groom kiss on one side of cake with some lighting, defining a romantic and special moment.

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Paola and Jorge, Cobalto Eventos, Guadalajara, Capturing the best moments

From a Gopro documenting the party, placed in a bottle of liquor.

Elisa and Emmanuel, Marriott Hotel, Mexico City, Enjoy and dance

The bride and groom dancing in front of the band, while enjoying dancing the music they play.

Leticia and Chris, Casa Chorro, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, A black and white celebration

The groom celebrating and having fun in black and white with his german friends, uncovering a beer.

Dessire and Mitchel, La Macarena Salon, Guadalajara, Mexico, More moves, more fun

The bride and groom dancing and having fun each other in the middle of the stage.

Ariela and Jonathan, Nahui, Nayarit, Mexico, Capturing the exact shot moment

One guest is having a shot in the middle of the rest, dancing kind of different but everybody enjoying this dance.

Claudia and Francisco, El Lago del Rey, Guadalajara, Mexico, The big shot

The bride giving a big shot from a thermos to the groom as they celebrate and have fun.

Monica and Guillermo, La Casa de los Abanicos, Guadalajara, Mexico, The hidden kiss

During the party and celebration with guests grooms are giving a kiss while light illuminates to capture the attention of the guests.

Silvia and Daniele, Baronesse Tacco, San Floriano del Collio, Italy, A big toast

Everybody, the bride, groom and the guests are doing a big toast for the wedding.

Gloria and Davide, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy, The bouquet in the air

The bride is throwing the bouquet for some guests, as a tradition of who will be the next woman to get married.

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