Sara and Riccardo

Sara and Riccardo Wedding in a Fairytale Location

Castello di Susans, Gorizia, FVG, Italy


What a hot Italian summer this year! As usual we get the pleasure to experience amazing weddings decorated by a big amount of sunshine and sweating moments! This is the rocky, happy and familiar wedding of Sara and Riccardo in the spectacular location of Castello di Susans, one of the best location in the North East Italy. We are in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a small, green region, land of the best white wines in town and beautiful crazy people! 

We met Sara and Riccardo one afternoon in Grado, a tiny, fishing town, where we had a nice and funny photo session with their child, Federico, a beautiful boy. We immediately perceived a positive mood as Sara and Riccardo enjoyed the session and showed a lot of enthusiasm all the time. 

The day of the wedding I was surprised by the energy of Sara. She was beautiful in her spectacular wedding dress. She was sharing a great happiness in all her movements and smiles. She really enjoyed her wedding day from the first minute to the last one: a really genuine bride. Riccardo, on the other hand, even if he demonstrated to be a quite person at first, he showed a lot of emotion and crazy love for Sara and their little boy all day long. They were both accompanied by relatives and friends willing to do a smashing party!!! 

We assist a typic dance from Sara’s hometown and contemporary performance by the dj Riccardo Mollica at night who illuminated the back of the castle in a very impressive way. The civil ceremony was very touching and it took place under the trees in the park of Spessa Castle, a very impressive scenario even if the sun was giving us pretty harsh shadows. We had a very quick photo session as the priority for the bride and the groom was staying with their guests. 

We had an amazing time and we left the party just because we had compromise for the day after early in the morning! We surely wanted to stay with this beautiful family, celebrating this very happy day. 

Type of session: Wedding

Photography: Alina Zardo

Second Photographer: Davide Cristin

Assisting and lighting: Rachele Mosolo

Videography: Gabriel Salcedo and Carlos Lopez

Ceremony and Reception: Castello di Susans

Catering:  Morena Catering

Dj: Riccardo Mollica


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