Silvia and Daniele

Silvia and Daniele, 4th June 2016, Baronesse Tacco, Italy

Ok, don’t want to be redundant but how beautiful are the weddings in Italy? Oh my God! Not just the places, which take away the breath, but the light, the sunsets, and above all the people! Italian people are just amazing! They can’t stop laughing, get excited, hug, kiss and enjoy the moment! I feel so blessed to be Italian and to have the chance to go to Italy every year and have weddings to document every time I go.

Silvia and Daniele believed in us without a single doubt
It’s simply good to refresh my portfolio with the Italian experience. It’s even better working with my colleague Davide Cristin. We try to work together the more as possible as we have always something to learn from each other. And this is just the case, where we had the opportunity to document Silvia and Daniele’s wedding together. They believed in us without a single doubt and we had a wonderful time all together. Silvia is a very positive spirit, strong personality and smiley face! No stress at all with her. Daniele, kind of typical Italian man from south Italy in his appearance, good vibe and clever gaze.

A dream location for a wedding celebration

Few glasses of prosecco and the party started as soon as we reached the fantastic location Baronesse Tacco, one of my favourite place in Friuli for a Wedding celebration. The panorama is absolutely breath-taking. It’s one of those places where I thank life for making me from Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Back to the 90’s!

This wedding had been a continuous party, scanned by revival music from our beloved 90’s! Totally rock! Great participation from all the guests, gave us nice shots and unforgivable experience.

I’m not used to do panorama shot but it’s just a must have picture. Why choosing a place like this one, Baronesse Tacco, without getting home with a good representative picture of it? Well this is just what is for me this place: green, blue, clouds, mountains around and people chilling out. Just enjoying the atmosphere. I think it’s good sometimes for us, photographer, to take our view apart from the couple and just enjoying all around. It can be a beautiful surprise.



This is a picture by Davide. While I was in the middle of the circle, taking a picture of Silvia and Daniele in the middle and having just the people behind them visible in the picture, Davide was outside the circle and had the chance to give more perspective of what was happening. It’s simply beautiful what people were doing around them. Well done Davide!

Type of session: Wedding
Photographer: Davide Cristin
Second Photographer: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning: Rachele Masolo
Location: Ceremony » Chiesa San Pietro e Paolo, Staranzano, Gorizia, Italy | Reception » Baronesse Tacco, San Floriano del Collio, Gorizia, Italy
Catering: Ristorante La Rotonda, Cervignano, Udine, Italy


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