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Dania and Mauricio, Wedding portrait, Culiacan, Mexico

Dania and Mauricio

Dania and Mauricio, romantic wedding in Culiacan, Mexico.   Type of session: Wedding Photography: Alina Zardo Assisting and lighting: Julio Rosiles Videography: Sergio Alcocer Ceremony and Reception: Culiacan Dj: Omar Zaher Dj...
Vanessa and Chuy, Formal, Guadalajara, Mexico

Vanessa and Chuy

Vanessa and Chuy, 17th October 2015, Guadalajara, Mexico Getting ready Ceremony It was the perfect night to be. Vanessa and Chuy tied the knot and celebrated in style together with family and friends. From the beginning we realized what it was going to be about. This couple paid so much attention to...
Andrea and Roberto, Getting ready, Hacienda La Magdalena, Guadalajara, Mexico

Andrea and Roberto

Andrea and Roberto, 1st October 2016, Hacienda Magdalena, Guadalajara, Mexico   It was one of the most emotive celebrations I have worked in. Andrea and Roberto organized everything to make an special day. A few months ago we met for the pre wedding session. It was fantastic; they came with lo...
Claudia and Francisco wedding party, Guadalajara, Mexico

Claudia and Francisco

Claudia and Francisco, 16th April 2016, Santa Maria Escriba Church, Guadalajara, Mexico Claudia and Francisco are a really sweet couple, very emotive and completely in love. We first met for their casual session, in the woods. Claudia has always been very attentive that she prepared some cupcakes wi...
Alizda and Jorge's wedding, Aloft Hotel, Guadalajara

Alizda and Jorge

Alizda and Jorge, 7th May 2016 It seems that when we go to a new place for a wedding, we do not have to wait longer for going back there again! And this time is the case of ‘La Casa de los Abanicos’, a really elegant mansion in Guadalajara with a lot of inspiring corners. […]...
Monica and Guillermo, before the wedding, Casa de los Abanicos, Guadalajara

Monica and Guillermo

Monica and Guillermo, 9th April 2016 Monica and Guillermo’s wedding was a real example of elegance and style. From the beginning and their choice of places, we perceived a good taste. We had the opportunity to discover new places in Guadalajara, small but truly nice and perfect for a photography s...