Tracy and Andrew, 24th March 2017, San Josè del Cabo, Mexico

This time we had the privilege to fly to Los Cabos, Baja California, to document the deeply moving and stunningly gorgeous wedding of Tracy and Andrew.

This was my first time in Los Cabos and also the first time shooting for an American couple who only speaks English!!


Being used to Mexican wedding celebrations, I was pleasantly surprised to find US weddings to be quite different and I really enjoyed the experience of being part of one of them.

I’m a big fan of some outstanding Americans photographers such as the ones at TWO MANN Studio and Chrisman Studio and it has been a long-time dream of mine to shoot at an American wedding to emulate them.

I often wondered how it would be to work with an American couple, as US culture seems to me to be all about expressing feelings and emotions and I always imagined  the most important part of the celebration to be the speeches and toasts given by friends and family, which inevitably lead to everyone crying.


From the start, a moment which was very fun to take pictures of was the ‘getting ready’ part.

While Andrew’s groomsmen were getting ready in his room, Andrew himself helped Tracy’s four sons dressing up for the special occasion. I found very touching the way in which he took care of them and it made the whole atmosphere very special.

Meanwhile, in another room all the girls, the bridesmaids and Tracy’s two beautiful daughters were getting ready too.  Big family without any doubt.

Spiritual Ceremony

Tracy and Andrew decided to get married in one of the most famous Hotel of San Josè del Cabo: Cabo Azul Resort. Despite the hotel strict policy and its staff not being as enthusiastic and understanding towards the wedding planners as I would have expected them to be, I am glad to say that we succeeded in creating a very special celebration nevertheless.

The ceremony itself moved at a rather quick pace, with elegant solemnity.

Andrew couldn’t hold back his tears and I was deeply moved by this raw display of emotions, finding it even more beautiful coming from a man.

The romantic session

They said YES

Everybody goes party!

Afterwards, Tracy’s children and family performed a traditional Californian Natives dance. Tracy’s family maintained a strong bond with its Californian roots and their dance was a heart-warming homage to their heritage. It was followed by another marvellously uplifting little piano concert played by Tracy’s four older children.

I have to admit that the part I enjoyed the most was when the bride and groom’s best friends gave their toasts and speeches. As expected, everyone was moved to tears as the words that were spoken were all about love and friendship and recollections of the best memories of Andrew’s and Tracy’s life.


I have never been more grateful for the chance to hide behind the camera, as it was one of those moments when even a professional wedding photographer has to shed a tear or two.

Dancing Time

Compared to the Mexican-style celebrations I am accustomed to, the after-wedding party did not last long and the difference was even more evident seeing the lukewarm reaction to the Latino tunes compared with the wild appreciation and crazy dance moves that classic rock songs got from the guests!

Far from me to criticise this, as long as music gets people on the dance floor, everybody is having fun and some spontaneous photo shots can be gotten…

I finally understood where some of the craziest shots I saw in other US weddings albums came from. Dancing like there’s no tomorrow, what a great way to end a very special wedding indeed!

 Type of session: Wedding
Photography: Alina Zardo
Assisting and Lightning : Monica Franco
Video Maker: Sergio Alcozer
Ceremony and Reception : Hotel Resort Cabo Azul, San Josè del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico


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