Vero, Misael and Santiago

Vero, Misael and Santiago, pregnancy session, Los Colomos Park, Guadalajara

One year ago we had the big pleasure to presence the wedding of two marvellous people: Vero and Misael. The wedding took place in Acapulco, in a beautiful almost virgin beach. We spent together three precious days with their families and friends. I felt very grateful to be the photographer of the wedding. One year later, I feel the same gratefulness because Vero and Misael choose me again to be part of the most magical moment in couple life: the pregnancy!

Vero, Misael and Santiago

Santiago is on his way to the world and Vero and Misael decided to remember forever this moment with a photography session.  We choose Los Colomos Park in Guadalajara where we found few beautiful spots.

We enjoyed the afternoon very much. Vero and Misael are just like friends to me. We shared so many emotional moments already I felt so closed to them during this session.

Pregnancy session are so intimate. The photographer has to be very kind and clever with  the future parents. The future mother has to feel very comfortable, she has to see all her beauty reflected on the pictures. Sometimes they cannot see how beautiful they are during their pregnancy. They think they are just fat. But is not just about the belly, is the whole situation that counts. Their tender expression and the complicity in between the couple is what make everything special.

Funny moments
Mother’s portrait

This time even the sunset light helped to make the scene even more romantic.

We ended taking some pictures of the details of the little shoes and the letters Vero and Misa made for the occasion. Of course I took some portrait of the mother alone because, as a mother myself, I know how intimate and unique is this feeling a we feel with our baby, we and only.

 Type of session: Pregnancy Session
Photography: Alina Zardo
Location: Los Colomos Park, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico



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